Waste To Power (WTP) is a start-up aiming to eliminate waste by converting it to a renewable, sustainable and green energy source. WTP’s focus in 2019 is towards converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel that meets national standards. Based in Lebanon, we collect waste cooking oil, filter it, process it, convert it with innovative engineering and science, and blend it for a greener usage and a better tomorrow.

Our Customer-Centric Principles


Having an innovative process allows for premium pricing yet higher profit margins with the increase in the need for sustainable fuels. Along with the consistent feedstock, profitability can be optimized.


Using customized chemical processes, we aim to optimize the generation of biodiesel with minimum wastage and higher yields to ensure sustainability and meet continuous demand.

Premium Quality

Our biodiesel adheres to the National Fuel Standards. Waste To Power’s fuel specifications guarantees efficiency in engines and electric generators at reduced costs.